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  • Dan Solomon Director, Cyber Risk & Security Services
    Cyber Resilience: Learning to Cope with Multifaceted Attacks Proactively
    Speaker Profile Dan heads the Cyber Risk and Security Services division at Optimal Risk and is a leading proponent of a converged approach to security risk. He is an industrial espionage specialist and a practitioner...
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  • Paul C Dwyer President of the ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force
    Cyber 911 - Can Ireland be Hacked?
    View Paul C Dwyer’s profile Independent Security GRC & Cyber Threat Advisor Chairman of NACSRO National Association of Chief Security & Risk Officers President of the International Cyber Threat Task Force Advisor to NATO on...
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  • Mathieu Gorge CEO - PCI Compliance Expert
    PCI DSS v3.0 – what’s new and why should the industry care?
    Speaker Profile Mathieu Gorge is the CEO and founder of VigiTrust. He has been in the security industry for the past 10 years. In 2003 Mathieu identified a gap in the market to provide pro-active...
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  • Dr. Pavel Gladyshev Lecturer at the University College Dublin (Ireland)
    Systematic Approach to Digital Forensics in the Cloud
    Speaker Profile Dr. Pavel Gladyshev is a lecturer at the University College Dublin (Ireland), where he established in 2006 and is currently directing the MSc programme in Forensic Computing and Cybercrime Investigation – the first...
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  • Peter Jones Mobile Phone Forensic Lab Manager / Visiting Fellow
    Industry supporting potential employees for the future
    Speaker Profile Peter Jones is a Masters graduate in “Internet and Enterprise Systems” with over 12 years telecommunications experience gained from working in a variety of roles for Orange and as a Systems Developer for...
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  • Leighton Johnson CTO, Lead Instructor and Senior Security Engineer
    Cyber Incident Response
    Speaker Profile Leighton Johnson is the CTO, Lead Instructor and Senior Security Engineer for Information Security and Forensics Management Team (ISFMT), a provider of computer security consulting, forensics investigations & certification training. He recently was...
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  • Larry Karisny Technology Innovator - Wireless Security Expert
    Cyber Security that Works
    Speaker Profile Mr. Karisny is well known in both the public and private sector as a technology innovator, skilled project manager and renowned expert on securing wireless networks and smart grid infrastructures. A frequent contributor...
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  • Michael Bacon Information Assurance and Security Practitioner
    The Information Assurance Heptad
    Speaker Profile Michael Bacon is one of the UK’s leading information assurance and security practitioners. His experience spans over 30 years and 50 countries. He revitalised KPMG’s information security practice, chaired the Information Security Forum...
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  • Dr Grainne Kirwan Lecturer in Psychology
    Understanding the Cybercriminal
    Speaker Profile Dr. Gráinne Kirwan is a lecturer in psychology in IADT, teaching on both the BSc (Hons) in Applied Psychology and the MSc in Cyberpsychology. She lectures on several topics including forensic psychology, cyberpsychology,...
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  • Richard Hollis Thought Leader - Information Risk Expert - Privacy Guru
    The Top 10 Threats to SME's in 2013
    Speaker Profile Richard Hollis is the Chief Executive Officer for Risk Factory Ltd, a unique information security risk management consulting firm specialising in providing effective, independent information risk management services. As a Certified Information Security...
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  • Chuck Georgo Senior Intelligence Director
    Message to the Board: Why you are the reason for insider threats in your organization
    Speaker Profile For more than thirty years, Chuck Georgo has served as a public safety strategist, business analyst, systems engineer, and project manager supporting national and homeland security missions of federal, state, local, and tribal...
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  • Rakshit Tandon Advisor- Cyber Crime Unit, Uttar Pradesh Police
    Cybercrime Among Children
    Speaker Profile Director- A&R Info Security Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Consultant- Internet and Mobile Association of India Advisor- Cyber Crime Unit, Uttar Pradesh Police, Agra CEO – Tandons Solution Provider Rakshit Tandon is an Advisor/Investigation Expert...
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  • Darin Anderson President & CEO of CyberUnited
    Finding the Rats in Your Network: Solving the Insider Threat
    Speaker Profile Chairman, Director, CEO and COO. “Top Influential”, “Exemplary Performance Award for Cybersecurity” and White House (DHS) award for “Cybersecurity Excellence – Best Community Initiative”. Security Blogger. Big Data and Analytics. CURRENT President &...
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  • Geary W. Sikich Principal
    Validating Strategy Using “War Gaming” as a tool to evaluate Business Continuity Plans.
    Speaker Profile Geary Sikich is a Principal with Logical Management Systems, Corp., a consulting and executive education firm with a focus on enterprise risk management and issues analysis; the firm’s web site is Prior...
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  • William Hagestad II LTCOL - USMC-Retired
    Nation State Motivations for Using the Cyber Realm
    Speaker Profile LtCol Hagestad is an internationally recognized & respected authority on the People’s Republic of China’s use of computer and information network systems as a weapon. He wrote the book “21stCentury Chinese Cyber Warfare”...
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  • Martin Smith MBE BSc FSyI Chairman of TSC
    Cybersecurity and Apollo 13 - let’s look at this from a position of status
    Speaker Profile MARTIN SMITH MBE BSc FSyI Chairman and Founder of TSC The Security Company (International) Limited The Security Awareness Special Interest Group Martin Smith gained his degree in behavioural psychology before spending 15 years...
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  • Pierluigi Paganini CISO
    Modern Online-Banking Cybercrime
    Speaker Profile Pierluigi Paganini is Chief Information Security Officer at Bit4Id, firm leader in identity management, he is also a Security Evangelist, Security Analyst and Freelance Writer. Editor-in-Chief at “Cyber Defense Magazine”, Pierluigi is a...
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  • Steve Heeney CEO - Cloud Director
    Security in the Cloud - covering all the bases
    Speaker Profile Steve was Cloud Director for IBM Channels and Alliances organisation helping organisations develop cloud businesses and propositions. This covered all areas from Sales and Marketing to Design, build and Service operations. For the...
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  • Morris Cody Managing Principal
    Transitioning from a Traditional Computing Environment to a Cloud Computing Environment
    Speaker Profile BIO Summary: Morris Cody have more than twenty years of progressive leadership and information technology management experience in diverse industries. Throughout his career, he has built and managed very effective senior infrastructure teams...
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  • Ashutosh Bahuguna Scientist at Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In)
    Effective Approach for Malicious Webshell Detection!
    Speaker Profile Currently working as a Scientist in Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In), Department of IT, Ministry of Communication and IT, Govt. of India. Ethical hacker and in depth sense of Information security. His...
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  • Muhammad Amir Jamil Consultant - King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST)
    Protecting Asymetric Keys by Designing a Secure PKI
    Speaker Profile Mr. Amir Jamil is currently proving consulting services to the King Abdul Aziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) in Saudi Arabia for Security Operation Center. Before Joining KACST he has been managing...
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  • Adam Meyer CISO - Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA)
    Understanding your Cyber Liability- A Primer for Small & Medium Business
    Speaker Profile BIO Summary: Adam Meyer is currently the Chief Information Security Officer for one of the largest public transportation systems in the United States. Before serving in his current position Adam served as the...
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  • David Wilson Attorney/Risk Management - Cyber Security Consultant
    “Is Active Defense Hack Back: A Decision Matrix for Companies to Defend Themselves”
    Speaker Profile David is a leading authority in cyber security and the law. He is a licensed attorney in NY, CT, and CO, and owner of Titan Info Security Group, a Risk Management and Cyber...
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  • Chuck Brooks VP & Client Executive for Homeland Security
    The Evolving Role of Cyber Security at the Department of Homeland Security
    Speaker Profile Charles (Chuck) Brooks serves as Vice President/Client Executive for DHS at Xerox. Xerox has $22 B in annual revenues and serves clients in 160 countries. He recently served as Vice President for R...
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  • Mark E.S. Bernard Governance, Risk and Compliance
    Cyber Security Framework and Architecture
    Speaker Profile Mark has 24 years of proven experience within the domain of Information Security, Privacy, Governance, Compliance. Mark’s skills and experience as a Systems Engineer, Software Engineer and Network Engineer has provided him an...
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  • David Dwyer Data Compliance Advisor
    Data Privacy - It's the Law!
    Speaker Profile David Dwyer is Managing Director of Data Compliance Limited and a Senior Data Security Consultant. David is a certified ISO 27001 Lead Auditor (British Standards Institute), ISMS Implementer (Certification Europe) and Data Protection...
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  • Trishneet Arora Chief Technical Officer & Founder
    Cyber War - Truth about Indian Cyber Criminals
    Speaker Profile BIO Summary: Trishneet Arora is only 19 years old an international recognized Ethical Hacker, Author, Cyber Crime Consultant & Investigator, and Entrepreneur. Trishneet Arora is currently Founder/CTO of TAC Security Solutions and has...
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  • David Hamilton Risk Expert
    Is Cyber Security a Business Continuity Issue?
    Speaker Profile David is a former Senior Vice President with Marsh Ireland, responsible for delivering risk management solutions to a broad range of clients. In his 34 years at Marsh, these included Fortune 500’s, Higher...
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  • Captain (CPT) Joe Coleman Executive Officer US Army
    Those Living in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones: Seven Axioms for Reasonable Discussions and Policy on Cyber Security
    Speaker Profile Captain (CPT) Joe Coleman is an active duty Army officer who is currently stationed in Miami, Florida where he is the executive officer (second in command) for the Miami Military Entrance Processing Station...
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  • Michael Neary
    Where off line fraud meets on line fraud
    Speaker Profile I have over 24 years experience working in the area of retail fraud and theft. For over 17 years I was the Security Manager for GameStop in the UK and Ireland.I would have...
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  • Michael Whelan Security Specialist
    VM: what's it all about?
    Speaker Profile In security since 2003, covering many areas including vulnerability management network compliance end-point compliance security incidents IDS/IPS monitoring ISO27001 security standards. Certified as a CISSP & internal ISO 27001 auditor Presentation Title VM:...
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  • Rahul Jamgade Independent Cyber Security Consultant and Trainer
    Attack Vectors and Countermeasures
    Speaker Profile Profession: Independent Cyber Security Consultant and Trainer Skill set: Technical Aspect of Cyber Security Legal Perspective of Cyber crime Cyber Forensics System Administration Certification Details: CISSP :- September 10, 2011 RHCE :- Oct...
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  • Ray Overby CEO - Mainframe Security Expert
    z/OS Vulnerability Scanning and Management
    Speaker Profile Ray Overby began his career as an MVS Security guru in 1981 when he joined SKK, Inc., as an ACF2 software developer. For many years, ACF2, was the leading mainframe software security product....
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  • Charlie Sherlock CEO - Critical Infrastructure Cyber Security Specialist
    Critical Threat to Critical Infrastructure
    Speaker Profile Charlie specializes in cyber security for critical infrastructure operators and founded Cypro Software in 2011. Charlie has over 25 years industry experience and has been involved in a number of successful startups. In...
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  • Dauda Sule Security Marketing Manager
    Beware of Social Engineers
    Speaker Profile Dauda Sule, CISA. I am currently the Marketing Manager of Audit Associates Limited which is a consultancy firm that specializes in designing and organizing training programs pertaining to auditing, fraud detection and prevention,...
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  • Abhinav Singh Security Researcher / Author
    Anatomy of Facebook Scams - A Detailed Overview
    Speaker Profile Abhinav Singh is a young Information Security specialist from India. He has a keen interest in the field of hacking and network security and has adopted it as his full time profession. Currently...
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  • Irfan Feroze Information Security Manager
    Secure Social Networking
    Speaker Profile Having more than 10 years of experience in the field of Information Security / IT Security, Irfan Feroze has accomplished numerous projects on his side, including the certification of Askari Bank for ISO...
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  • George Anderson Enterprise Product Manager
    Risky Business – Making the Most of Mobile without Compromising Security
    Speaker Profile George has spent the past 14 years in IT Security. The first seven were in IT Security Business Development and Marketing for Computacenter, one of Europe’s leading systems integrators. More recently he has...
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  • Sreenarayan A Mobile Security Researcher and Code Review Consultant
    Cracking and Analyze the Mobile Application Source Code
    Speaker Profile Sreenarayan is currently working as a Senior Security Consultant at Paladion Networks. He is the principal researcher in the Mobile Application Security Team at Paladion, having developed Paladion’s Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry,...
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  • Suhas Desai Practice Lead - Mobile Security
    Secure Mobile App Development: Differences from Traditional Approach
    Speaker Profile Suhas leads mobile security services at Aujas with extensive experience in the mobile payments, enterprise and B2C mobile application security. He is a frequent speaker at prominent industry and customer forums. Desai has...
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  • Saket Modi Cyber Security Expert & CEO
    Advanced Persistent Threats and NxtGen Malware
    Speaker Profile Saket is a well known name in the field of the field of Cyber Security and over last 5 years, he along with his team have been conducting training and consultancy sessions across...
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  • William J McBorrough Information Assurance and Cyber Security Leader
    Urgent Need for Greater Critical Industrial Infrastructure Protection
    Speaker Profile William J McBorrough is an Information Assurance and Cyber Security leader with an extensive background managing, designing, and implementing medium and large enterprise physical and information technology security solutions and programs. His experience...
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  • Col (retd) Sandeep S Shaligram Group COO & Security Expert
    Security of Medical Data
    Speaker Profile A seasoned professional with three masters degrees in Science, technology and Strategy and an MBA with Specialisation in Disaster Management. Served in various professional organisations in the Indian Army for 24 years including...
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  • Mike Loginov CISO
    SME Compromised – your commercial data is mine!
    Speaker Profile Mike Loginov originates from Scotland and is an EC-Council Certified Chief Information Security Officer (C|CISO) and security practice leader with over 30 years’ experience as a retained adviser and consultant to a number...
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  • Rahul Tyagi Associate Vice President- Information Security Training
    A Black Hat's View on Web Application Security Flaws
    Speaker Profile “Rahul Tyagi (Associate Vice President- Information Security Training) Lucideus Tech Pvt Ltd , is a sovereign computer security consultant and has state-of-the-art familiarity in the field of computers. He is, however, especially recognized...
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  • Atul Pandey Chief Consultant- PMO & ICT Governance
    Comprehensive ICT Governance Against Threats (Spl. Cyber)- COBIT 5
    Speaker Profile Inter-woven with IT Security + Quality Audits, Assurance, Awareness & Compliance across IT, Telecom, Manufacturing, Education, Automotive, BFSI, Power, Oil & Gas verticals. A Thirteen years young career in ICT around Service Delivery,...
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  • D. Prem Kamath Cyber Legal Expert
    CYBER SOCIALIZATION: for better or worse?
    Speaker Profile Undertakes training for members of the judiciary and lawyers in cyber law, and also provides seminars for the IT industry and in-house seminars for corporates. Provides lectures for academic institutions, law enforcement agencies,...
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  • Christoforos Papachristou Cyber Espionage Expert
    Espionage in the Digital Age: Operation Red October
    Speaker Profile I have already completed my undergraduate degree at the Panteion University of Athens, Greece, at the Department of International and European Studies, entering 25th out of 350 students. We focused on International Relations,...
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  • Daniel Singh CISO
    “Tracing the Ghosts of the Cyber World”
    Speaker Profile Certified Ethical Hacker (C|EH), EC-Council Certified Security Analyst (ECSA), Offensive Security Expert & Information Intelligence Consultant Cyber-Security Consulting, Cyber Crime Investigation, Red Teaming, Data Recovery Assistance, Information Intelligence Consulting, PenTesting (Systems/Application/Networks), Malware Analysis...
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  • Ahmed Adesanya CTO - BYOD Expert
    How to address end users risk for BYOD
    Speaker Profile Adesanya Ahmed, CRISC, CGEIT, ACMA, ACPA, is an IT security and connectivity consultant. Ahmed was the first to provide a CerebusServer broadband billing authentication for hotspot Wi-Fi and WiMAX Internet service providers (ISPs)...
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  • Audrius Šapola Counter Fraud and Counter Corruption
    Dynamics of Telephone Fraud
    Speaker Profile I’m a security expert with a solid foundation of practical experience and theoretical knowledge in the field of corporate and banking security. After more than 10 years spent in the position of the...
    More info
  • David Swan Centre for Strategic Cyberspace & Security Science
    Defining Intelligence
    Speaker Profile David Swan has a unique background with more than 20 years in the computer industry and 30 years in the Canadian military including 9 years as an Intelligence Officer. His interests combined when...
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  • Jason Steer EMEA Product Manager & Senior Architect
    Cyber Security Architecture
    Speaker Profile Jason is an engineer at heart – built and designed networks since 1996. Jason has worked at a number of successful technology companies over the past 16 years, including FireEye, IronPort, Cisco, Veracode...
    More info
  • Sri Devi Cyber Security Consultant
    Governance Model and Advanced Information Sharing Framework for Global Computer Emergency Response Teams
    Speaker Profile I am a Gold Medalist in Masters ( Information Security ) from Indian Institute of Information Technology (2011-2013 batch). I have done my internship at Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore on ” Analysis...
    More info
  • Prabhjeet Singh Information Security Analyst
    Hack Proof Technologies
    Speaker Profile Prabhjeet Singh is a Information Security Analyst with Code decode labs, Working with Code Decode Labs from last 9 months. I did my B.C.A from Bharati Vidya Peeth pune after that did Masters...
    More info
  • Prof John Walker CTO
    Cyber Terror - Take-Down [The Attackers Toolkit]
    Speaker Profile Visiting Professor at the School of Science and Technology at Nottingham Trent University (NTU), Visiting Professor/Lecturer at the University of Slavonia[to 2015], CTO of SBLTD – Contracting/Consultancy in the arena of IT Security...
    More info
  • Taimur Ijlal Senior Manager - Information Security
    Solving the malware problem via Big Data
    Speaker Profile Taimur Ijlal – CISA, CISSP, ISO27001 Certified Implementer and Certified SCADA Security Architect (CSSA) is an experienced Information Security professional with over a decade’s experience in Cyber-Security and IT Risk Management. He is...
    More info
  • Peter Kruse Head of CSIS eCrime Unit
    The Hunterz inside Tinba
    Speaker Profile Peter Kruse co-founded the Danish IT-security company CSIS in 2003 and is currently leading the eCrime department which provides services mainly aimed at the financial sector. His ability to combine a keen appreciation...
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Our Previous Events – Testimonials

This is our third International Cyber Threat Summit based in Dublin, Ireland. Our previous events have received excellent feed back from delegates and sponsors.

“This event was among the best I’ve ever attended – – in any country. The information shared was insightful and worthwhile and the venue was excellent. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity participate!”

John Kiser – Acting VP Global Business Development – White Badger Security


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