Date: 24th October 2013


Cyber Threat Summit 2013 - Virtual Summit

“The Cyber Threat Summit 2013 is proudly brought to you by the ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force. This is our third year and we pride ourselves on developing an interesting, appropriate and practical syllabus. You will see from our testimonial page that each event as been a valuable experience for both delegates and sponsors alike.

A constant theme of all our events is promoting Ireland, therefore this year we are tying in with the “Gathering” theme and opening up the event to organisations from around the world.

With so many unfortunate stories in the media in relation to cyber threats and the consumer, we have added two streams covering these issues. Stream 3 “You” concentrates on threats and risks to individuals and Stream 4 “Your Children” covers risks to our children and how to protect them online.”

Paul C Dwyer President of the ICTTF International Cyber Threat Task Force

Following on from our last two successful years, this years event is going to be delivered as a webcast. The ICTTF have over 2,500 members from over 100 countries and we have listened to the feedback and requests from our community. To make this a truly an “International” event, we are running the event over a 24hr period covering all time zones around the globe. Starting in New Zealand we will follow the sun to Hawaii. Picking up live broadcasts around the globe and integrating content with our social media partners.

Over 50 experts will discuss a vast range of cyber security related topics. Sponsors can reach out to global markets and online delegates can benefit from a truly holistic perspective.

CTS (Cyber Threat Summit) 2013 will have 4 streams. The objective of each stream is educate a delegate on how to protect a particular “asset” from Cyber Threats. The event is also tied in in with “The Gathering” and is a chance for those that have links or a passion for Ireland to join in.

Truly International Virtual Event – WEBCAST

Stream 1 – Enterprise

Here you will learn what are the most relevant cyber threats to corporate enterprise and Government bodies.

Stream 2 – SME’S – Small to Medium Enterprises

Small to medium enterprises are targets for different kinds of cyber threats. Here we explain what you should be looking out for and the key actions to take in order to minimise your risks.

Stream 3 – You

Your identity and persona is of great value to cyber criminals. Our experts will explain why and how cyber criminals target your identity and teach you how to protect yourself online.

Stream 4 – Your Family

The reality is your children are targets from online cyber threats. Cyber predators, trolls and cyber bullies can destroy young lives. We outline the warning signs, behaviours and modus operandi of these malefactors. We provide impartial and practical advice on how you can allow your children to embrace technology and avoid the risks associated with Internet use.

Cyber Threat Summit - Multiple Education Streams

Delegates will be able to move from one stream to another.

Sample of Topics Covered

  • Cyber Threats – Setting The Scene
  • Big Data – What About Security
  • Data Centres and Cyber Security
  • Cloud GRC and Cyber Threats
  • Hactivism – Anonymous – Lulzsec – Are they gone?
  • Cyber Bullying
  • Cyber Predators
  • Cyber Risk Management
  • Security Training
  • Cyber Insider
  • Social Media Risks
  • Managing Cyber Security
  • Identity Theft
  • APT Advanced Persistent Threats
  • Cybercrime
  • Cyberwarfare
  • ICTTF – Infraguard – ENISA and other organisations
  • Gardai – Interpol and law enforcement
  • Data Protection Legislation and the upcoming changes
  • Cyber Security Opportunities for Businesses
  • Fraud – Phone / PBX – Toll Fraud
  • Cyber Laws and The European Convention on Cybercrime
  • NATO – Cyber Military Plans
  • CNI Critical National Infrastructure
  • Online Digital Revolution – Let’s Riot!
  • The Boards Responsibility on Cyber Threats
  • Cyber Gangs
  • Attack Vectors
  • Cyber Weapons and Terrorists
  • Banks and Cyber Threats
  • Secure Apps – Is my banking app safe?
  • Securing Mobility
  • BYOD and Security
  • Protecting Your Family Online
  • Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery
  • OPSINT – Open Source Intelligence
  • Multiple Personas – Protect Your Identity with OPSINT
  • Compliance – PCI DSS – ISO 27001 The list goes on and on
  • Cyber Insurance
  • The FBI – US Patriot Act and why Ireland can harmonise a cyber ecosystem